Substitutions & Studio Updates


Jeremy Nasmith will be subbing on Monday and Wednesday mornings for Robert Glumbek for the remainder of 2017.  There will be rotating guest teachers starting in January so please check here or news for details.

Sundays:  Iain Rowe’s Intermediate Ballet class will move to 10:00am-11:30am, ahead of his Beginner Ballet class at 11:30am.  Laurie Hood will still accompany.   This change should encourage more dancers to try Iain’s wonderful class ahead of their busy Sunday schedules.

Tuesdays:  I’m happy to announce that beginning Tuesday Feb. 6th, Cindy Macedo will be starting a weekly Tuesday daytime Elementary ballet from 1:30pm- 3:00pm, accompanied by Igor Vassine. This should be helpful for those who would like a daytime class during the week but aren’t yet ready to tackle the daily Advanced class at 11:30am.

Wednesdays:  Tomoe Yamasaki‘s popular Wednesday 6:45-pm-8:15pm Beginner 2 class will be renamed “Elementary.”  Please don’t panic!! The level has really been Elementary for quite some time, so this naming change will more accurately reflect the current level of the class, and does not mean the class will suddenly become more difficult!

   Thusdays:  If there is enough demand (6 people per class), we will bring back Elementary Ballet with Jeremy Nasmith for the month of January only, while the studio is available.  As of February the Thursday evening time-slot will once again become closed.  Please contact if you are interested!


Saturdays:  If there is demand we will run the Saturday Repertoire class again in 2018 in 4 week sessions.  Please contact if you are interested with


Effective from October 1, 2017

Single Class – $18
Pointe Class – $15
Pointe Class Card of 5 – $70
NEW* Class Card of 20 – $310 (2 months expiry)
Card of 5 ($85) and Card of 10 ($165) remain unchanged.
Unlimited cards will no longer be issued.

Note: Thursday’s Elementary Ballet is on hiatus starting Oct 5. Last class September 28.